Frequently Asked Questions

Aso2lak offers different kinds of driver services;

  • Personal Driver Service; Find your private driver easily on our website, check their profile and hire one to escort and drive you wherever you need to go with unlimited stops as you wish.
  • Event And Wedding Transportation; We drive your guests in a convenient way to and from your event so everyone can enjoy the event, play or stay awake for the whole night without worrying about how they will get back home.
  • Airport transportation: We drive you to the airport in your car then we will return the car to your residence or park your car where you wish. Enjoy using your car without caring about the airport's garage cost.

Find more services by following the link

Use our website to submit your request;

1- Create your account ( Register your name & phone number)
2- Make your reservation ( Set your pick up and drop off- Specify ride time)
3- Wait for our confirmation
4- Enjoy your trip
5- Don't forget to rate your ride.

You can also reserve a driver by calling 01116111166

Yes – when you make a reservation, you can choose one of the available drivers based on their profiles. driver profile includes age, license type, languages s/he could speak, the number of trips done by the driver, and the overall driver evaluation based on the previous users' evaluation. You can also request a favorite driver you've used previously.

Prices differ depending on the type of service you choose and your location. Learn more about the prices of our services by following the link

Yes, choose the personal driver service, your reservation is based on time, not destination. Go wherever you need to, make as many stops as you want, and our driver will wait for you as needed. You're free to manage the period of your reservation, and you can ask for a period extension when needed.

Aso2lak is currently active in the 6th of October governorate, and Red Sea governorate. You can book your trip from those governorates to anywhere in Egypt. Soon, we will be available in Cairo, Alexandria, and other destinations.

While both Aso2lak drivers and taxi drivers take customers where they want to go in exchange for a fee. Aso2lak differs from a traditional taxi service in that our drivers operate your private vehicles, so you can use your car to get back, drive it when you reach your destination, or ask the driver to drive it back to a certain point.

Yes. You can use our services to drive you to and from medical appointments, travel for business, do your vehicle scheduled maintenance with no need to be there by yourself, etc.

Yes, cancellation is free as long as you cancel your order enough time before the operation time. Cancellation should be sufficient time before the driver moves to your location.